Chen Huailin 陳 懷 林

Associate Professor

Administrative Roles

  • Chair of MA Steering Committee
  • Member, Departmental Executive

Academic Qualifications

  • BA, MA (Fudan University)
  • PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison)


  • “The Societal Level and Individual Level Analysis”

Research Area

  • Political Communication
  • Media Framing on Social Issues
  • The Interaction of Mass Media in Great China Region
  • The Long-term Impact of Television on Society

Current Research

  • Impact of Olympic Medals on Image of Participating Countries
  • Analysis on Media Frames and Audiences’ Interpreting Frames of Social Issues
  • City Image and Media Use in Southern China.
  • The Changing Effects of Political Propaganda in China.

Current Research Grants

Title: National Image, National Pride and National Identity after Olympic Games: Media Frames and Audiences’ Interpretations, From Jan 2013 to Dec. 2014



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Book Chapters

  • 陳懷林,中国大陆和海外华语地区传播学期刊论文写作规范之实证比较(2005—2010),,黃旦,沈囯麟編《理论与经验——中国传播研究的问题及路径》,2013年12月,ISBN:978-7-309-10207-9/G1255
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  • Chen Huailin, Factors Influence the Adoption of International Research Format: A Comparison and Analysis of Research Articles in Communication Journals in Three Chinese Societies (1995 – 2006), in Zhang Guoliang & Yao Junxi (eds.), New Media Communication in the Context of Globalization, Shanghai People’s Publishing House, June, 2008. ISBM 978-7-208-07908-3.
  • 陳懷林,2007 ,傳播效果研究,魯曙明、洪浚浩主編《報告與分析:西方大眾傳播學研究的前沿》。 [Media Effect Study: An Review and Prospect, H, Chen, in Lu Shuming & Hong Junhao (eds) Report and Analysis: The Frontier of Western Mass Communication Study, People University Press, July 2007.]
  • 陳懷林,2005。在市場和體制的壓力下求存:大中華地區新聞從業人員對爭議性採編手法的態度及其成因, 張國良主編《中國傳播學評論》,復旦大學出版社,2005年。[Struggle under Pressures from Market and Institution: Exploring the Attitude towards Controversial Behaviors among Journalists’ in Great China Areas, H. Chen, Chinese Communication Studies Review, No.1,pp.58-86, Oct. 2005.]
  • 楊洸、陳懷林, 2004,城市形象:非典型涵化效果分析。張國良、黃知曉主編《資訊和全球化時代的中國傳播研究》,上海:復旦大學出版社[City Image: An Atypical Analysis of Cultivation Effect, G. Yang, H. Chen and H Cheong, in Zhang Guoliang & Huang Zhixiong (Eds) The Chinese Communication Studies in the time of information of globalization, Fudan University Press, Shanghai, Oct. 2004 (ISBN-7-309-04184-4).]
  • 陳懷林,2004,第8章:對爭議性編采手法的態度,羅文輝、陳韜文等合著《變遷中的中國大陸、香港和臺灣新聞工作 者》,第209-232頁。臺灣:巨流出版社,2004年9月。[The Attitudes toward Controversial Journalism Behavior, H. Chen, in Ven-Hui Lo & Joseph Chan (Eds) The Changing Journalists in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Chuliu Press, Taiwan, Sept, 2004.]
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  • Press Finance and Economic Reform in China, in J. Cheng (Ed.) China Review 1998, H. Chen & C. C. Lee, pp. 577-610, 1998, Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, 1998.

Journal Articles

Refereed Journals:

  • Medals, Media and Myth of National Images: How Chinese Audiences Think of Foreign Countries during the Beijing Olympics, H. Chen, Public Relations Review, Dec.2012, pp. 755-764.
  • Guo, Z., Cheong, W., & Chen, H., 2007. Nationalism as public imagination: Media’s routine contribution to latent and manifest nationalism in China. (2007). International Communication Gazette. 69(5):366-389. Sage Publications
  • 楊洸、陳懷林,2005。 傳媒使用模式對珠海市民的澳門城市形象的影響,《新聞學研究》(臺灣),2005年10月,31-69頁。[The Impact of Media Use on Zhuhai Audiences’ Perceived City Image of Macao, Mass Communication Research (Taiwan) , G. Yang and H. Chen. No.85, Oct. 2005 pp.31-69.]
  • 楊洸、陳懷林,2005。在多元化資訊環境中建構城市形象:從珠海看澳門,《新聞與傳播研究》(中國社科院新聞研究 所),2005年第2期,66-75頁。[Framing of City Image in a Multi-channel Information Environment: Look at Macao from Zhuhai, H. Chen, Journalism & Communication Studies (Beijing, ISSN1005-2577), G. Yang and H. Chen. Oct. 2005 pp.66-75]
  • 郭中實、祝建華、陳懷林, 2002。香港和廣州受眾的直接和媒體體驗對犯罪觀念的影響,《新聞學研究》(臺灣),2002年4月, 61-86頁。[Direct and Mediated Experience as Sources of Crime Perception between Residents in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Mass Communication Research (Taiwan) , Z. Guo, J. Zhu and H. Chen. April 2002 pp61-86.]
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Academic Journals

  • 陳懷林,郭中實,1998。試析黨報和大眾報紙廣告市場之“收入溝”現象,《新聞大學》,1998年夏 季,18-25頁。[Analysis of Divergent Development in Advertising Market Shares among Party and Mass Appeal Newspapers, H. Chen & Z. Guo. Journalistic University Quarterly, Summer, 18-25, 1998.]
  • 陳懷林, 1989。論雜誌型電視新聞專欄節目,《中國廣播電視年鑒1988》,1989年,187-188頁。[H, Chen. Yearbook of China Television and Broadcasting 1988, 187-188, 1989]
  • 陳懷林, 1987。論雜誌型電視新聞專欄節目,《廣播電視研究》,1987年秋季,4-12頁。[H, Chen. On Magazine Style TV News Column, Television and Broadcasting Research, 2, 4-12, 1987 ]
  • 陳懷林, 1987。試論評論性電視新聞專欄節目,《新聞大學》,1987年秋季,23-28頁。[H, Chen. On Commentary TV News Column, Journalistic University Quarterly, Fall, 23-28, 1987. ]
  • 陳懷林, 1986。報紙的資訊功能和黨報改革,《新聞大學》,1986年春季,17-23頁。[The Informative Function of Newspaper and Party Newspapers Reform,” H. Chen, Journalistic University Quarterly, Spring, 17-23, 1986. ]

Professional Affiliations

  • Member of International Communication Association
  • Member of Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Member of Chinese Communication Association

Teaching Area

  • Theory of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Research Methods of Communication
  • Pattern of Communication in Chinese Society
  • Media and Society
  • History of Chinese Communication
  • Chinese News Writing and Editing
  • Public Opinion

Current Courses

  • COMB210 Quantitative Research Methods I
  • COMB220 Quantitative Research Methods II
  • COMB310 Communication Theory
  • COMB355 Public Opinion
  • COMM702 Research Methods Of Mass Communication

Previous Courses

  • BJPC406Chinese Media & China Reporting
  • COMM104Communication II : Mass Media
  • COMM204Communication Media II: Current Events & the Media
  • ICNM003Communication Patterns And Culture In Greater China
  • ICNM005Public Opinion



  • LI, Ningyi, Analysis of Changing Trend of Internet Related Law and Regulations in China
  • YANG Liu, Comparative Analysis of Media Frames on Terrorism Issue between Western and China Media
  • HUANG, Yawen, Analysis of Changing Image of Macao on Local and Regional Media
  • ZHU, Congqian, The Media Image of Power Generation 2nd in China.


  • GU, Yuqi, A Comparative Analysis of Chinese and U.S Newspaper Coverage of Terrorist Attacks in China and USA.
  • XU, Ming, Framing the Social Activity in Macao
  • ZHONG, Li, Media Frame and Media Discourse Analysis
  • LIU Yifei, Analysis of Values in the TV Series II

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University of Macau
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