Tony Schirato

Full Professor

Administrative Role

  • Member, PhD Steering Committee
  • Member, Equipment & Technology Steering Committee
  • Member, Departmental Executive Committee

Academic Qualifications

  • BA (New South Wales)
  • Dip Ed (Sydney Teacher’s College)
  • MA, PhD (Sydney University)

Current Research

Sport & digital media; gender theory; the work of Pierre Bourdieu

Refereed Publications


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Refereed Book Chapters & Journal Articles

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  • 2016 Schirato T (2016) ‘Digital Media, Fantasy Sport and the         Transformation of      the Contemporary Field of Sport’ Communication Research and Practice’ (UK)

Current Courses

  • COMM701 Theories of Mass Communication

Previous Courses

  • COMB213 Fundamentals of Visual Culture
  • COMB476 Special Topics in International Communication and Cultural Studies
  • COMM822 Paxis II: Practices of Academic Writing
  • FSSG804 Selected Topics in Critical Theory

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