A group of fourth-year students in the University of Macau (UM) Department of Communication recently won three awards for their graduation publications, namely UM Bridges Fall 2019: SONDER, and Communicator 2020: A Tale of Macau During Pandemic, at the 2020 Campus Newspaper Awards organised by China Daily Hong Kong Edition. The former publication won a second prize in the Best in News Reporting (English Category) and a third prize in the Best in News Writing (English Category), while the latter publication won a third prize in Layout Design (Chinese Category).

This year’s event attracted participants from 43 universities in the Greater China region, including Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, UM, Fu Jen Catholic University, and Shih Hsin University, with over 660 submissions from nearly 2,000 students. In the end, a jury comprised of 85 scholars, professors, and journalism professionals from the Greater China region selected 76 prize winners in 24 categories.

The publication Communicator 2020: A Tale of Macau During Pandemic was co-produced by 28 students in the Department of Communication, under the guidance of Dr Che Hio Ieong. The publication focuses on the role of Macao during the COVID-19 pandemic and illustrates the stories of people from all walks of life during that period. The recipient of the third prize in the Layout Design (Chinese Category) is Cynthia Lau.

The English publication UM Bridges Spring 2019: SONDER was co-produced by 29 students under the guidance of Prof Wu Mei in the Department of Communication. Students Erriss Ho and Yulie Che used the new word ‘sonder’ as the topic for their interviews and feature stories ‘Is Eating Less Meat Good for Your Body?’ and ‘The Habit: Visiting Museums’, which won a second prize in the Best in News Reporting (English Category) and a third prize in the Best in News Writing (English Category), respectively.


澳門大學社會科學學院傳播系大四學生的畢業刊物《傳人類2020全城抗疫記》及《UM Bridges Fall 2019: SONDER》,於中國日報(香港版)舉辦的“2020校園學報新聞獎”分別奪得最佳學報設計(中文)季軍、最佳新聞寫作(英文)季軍及最佳新聞報導(英文)亞軍。



英文獲獎刊物《UM Bridges Spring 2019: SONDER》則由29名學生共同製作,指導老師為傳播系教授吳玫,學生何嘉慧和謝燕雯以新詞語“sonder”一字為題,採訪及撰寫特寫報導《Is eating less meat good for your body?》和《The habit: Visiting museums》,分別獲得最佳新聞報導和最佳新聞寫作(英文)組別的亞軍及季軍。