Hio Ieong CHE

Senior Instructor

Academic Qualifications

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Université Paris 8, France)
  • DEA in History and Civilizations (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France)
  • BA in Journalism (Chengchi University, Taiwan)

Thesis Title

  • La naissance de la Biopolitique de Hong Kong: une recherche sur le logement social(The Birth of Biopolitics of Hong Kong: a research on Social Housing)

Research Area

  • Communication, Archival Studies, Governmentality, Animal Culture Studies.


  • 謝曉陽(2019)。《慾望與馴化:人和動物關係暗黑史》(Discipline and Desire : The Dark History of the Relationship Between Human Beings and Animals)。印象文字。香港。285頁。

Book Chapter

  • CHE, Hio Ieong, Knowing animal and finding yourself: a story about civilization (2012). In “You need to change your life”. Roundtable Synergy Books. Hong Kong. (「認識動物 尋回自己:從認識人類文明傳說說起」,2012,《你必須改變你的生活》(合著),圓桌精英出版社,香港 )

Journal Articles

  • CHE, Hio Ieong, Space and Biopolitics: Case study on Hong Kong Public Housing (2017). In “Hong Kong Cultural and Society”. Infolink Publishing. Hong Kong. (「公屋空間與生命政治:以香港公共房屋為例」(2017)《香港文化與社會》。匯智出版社。香港。)
  • CHE, Hio Ieong, Governmentality and Statistics: Census as an art of governance. (under review). In “The Hong Kong Journal of Social Science”. Hong Kong Cultural and Society 2. The Education University of Hong Kong. (「統計與統治:人口普查作為管治藝術」。論文審核中。《香港社會科學報》。香港社會文化研究系列2。香港教育大學。)

Academic Conference Presentations

  • Post-Colonization in Hong Kong after 1997 (2007). In Ici et Illeurs. France. (Post-Colonization d’ Hong Kong après 1997)
  • The Game between Individual and Bio-Power: Case study on the Door of Public Housing (2007). In Exhibition and Seminar on Alternative Urban Renewal. Department of Geography. Hong Kong Baptist University. Hong Kong. (透過公共房屋的「門」,觀察個體和生命權力的博弈(2007)。另類都市復興研討會。浸會大學地理系。香港。)
  • Bio-Political given space: Immigrants in Hong Kong Public Housing during last 50 years (2009). In Biopolitics, Ethics, Subjectivation: Questions on Modernity. Social Research and Cultural Studies. National Chaio Tung University, Taiwan.
  • Biopolitics, Colonialism and Post-colonialism (2012). In Culture as Critical Theory. Academic Sinica, Taiwan.
  • A new type of neo liberalism in Hong Kong after 1997 (2012). In Cross Road. France.
  • The Right of Citizen and the Right to the City (2015). Social Research and Cultural Studies. National Chaio Tung University, Taiwan.
  • Chinese element in animal protection movement in Hong Kong (2017). In Cultural Studies Association. Taiwan. (「香港動物保護運動中的中國元素」,2017,台灣文化研究學會,台北。)

Teaching Areas

Journalism, Global Media Culture, Chinese News Writing,  Media Law and Ethics, Chinese Publication

Courses Taught

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Introduction to News and Journalism
  • Chinese News Writing
  • Advanced News Writing and Reporting in Chinese
  • Media Law and Ethics
  • Workshop: Chinese Publication
  • Public Speaking
  • Graduation Project

Contact Details

Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS)
Humanities & Social Sciences Building (E21B), 2050
Tel: 8822 4029
Email: hiche@um.edu.mo