Student Work

Students in the Department of Communication develop their talents and skills in reporting, writing, photography, video production, cinematography, and digital graphics. Every semester students work with each other and with staff to create original productions, publications, and manage student organizations. The tangible products of their efforts include student publications, videos, and other creative work.

Journalism Courses

UM Bridges

UM Bridges is an English language publication produced by fourth year students in the Department of Communication. Through this publication, students apply the skills of journalism, publishing, design and event planning. The aim of this publication is to cultivate an awareness in the students and call their attention to issues happening around them.

The latest issue of UM Bridges


Communicator is a Chinese language magazine produced by students in the Dept. of Communication. 2016 edition of Communicator

Creative Courses

Video Workshop

The Video Workshop is a fourth year course for students majoring in Communication at the University of Macau. Students work together to produce documentary, experimental, and narrative shorts films that engage creatively with the given theme of the semester. Work can be seen at the Creative Media Lab.


This is a course designed to teach students documentary approaches to filmmaking. It results in student produced documentaries that focus on life in Macao. Work can be seen at the Creative Media Lab.


This course is designed to teach students approaches to 2d and 3d animation. It results in student produced animations. Work can be seen at the Creative Media Lab.

Student Run Events

Communication Week

Communication Week is an annual series of talks by guest speakers and presentations of student work that is organized by students with the Department of Communication.