MA in Communication


This MA degree program aims to help current and prospective communication professionals attain conceptual and theoretical knowledge in mass communication and digital media, and their social and cultural effects. The rapid development of the Internet, Multi-media Technology, and the IT industry has created a new horizon for communication industries and communication studies. Understanding the uses, effects, and consequences of these technologies will help position professionals more competitively in media industries. Furthermore, students who wish to pursue studies beyond the MA receive a solid foundation for such work.

All courses in the program are conducted entirely in English. Therefore, aside from the course content, students also benefit from an improved ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken English.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Comprehensively understand the history, major concepts, audiences, theories, and substantial issues related to communication.
  • Apply various research methods commonly used in communication.
  • Effectively collect and analyze data related to interpersonal, intercultural, mass, digital, or other forms of communication.
  • Master writing skills at a professional level, such as producing a high-quality thesis or academic manuscript, so that they can successfully complete the project report for the degree, and future written requirements in their chosen profession.
  • Acquire advanced knowledge in a specific sub-area in communication, such as visual communication, advertising, public relations, new media, journalism, intercultural, media management, public opinion, or social change, so that they can have a successful professional or academic career in the future.

Course Enrollment Plan

  • For In-taken in Academic Year 2019/2020 or before
  • For In-taken in Academic Year 2021/2022 and after
    • Master of Arts in Communication – Specialization in Communication and New Media
    • Master of Arts in Communication – Specialization in Visual Communication (AY2021/2022-AY2023/2024)

For Prospective Students

Admission Requirements & Guidelines