PhD Program


The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS), formerly known as the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSH), launched its PhD in Communication program in 2009. The program partakes in the University of Macau (UM)’s vision and mission to become a world-class university with excellence in both teaching and research. It promotes high-quality whole-person education, and trains quality communicators, researchers, scholars, university teachers, consultants, executives and professionals for Macao and beyond. The PhD in Communication program explores diverse communication phenomena and cultures. It takes an interdisciplinary approach to communication theories and practices —from journalism to internet studies, from film and television to cross-media studies, from media effects to cultural studies, from critical theories to gender studies, from visual cultures to tourism studies, from society and communication technology to ethnography and urban sociology. It produces outstanding graduates with scholarly aptitude, professional skills, extensive knowledge, and high integrity for the society.

Study Plan for PhD in Communication 2020/2021 and after

Study Plan for PhD in Communication 2016/2017 to 2019/2020

PhD Programme Handbook (download with the link)