The Landscape of China’s Philanthropic Films: Dilemmas and Disputes

05/09/2019 (Thursday) 13:00-14:00 E21-G002

While most images of China focus on its growing cities and wealth, this does not show the complete story. Many people, especially those living in China’s inner provinces, are poor and lack access to many of the educational and health benefits enjoyed by residents of the coastal cities. Filmmakers in recent years have begun to highlight some of these issues, evident in documentaries about China’s poor and the need to engage in philanthropy. In this talk I explore some of these issues, discussing dilemmas and disputes surrounding China’s philanthropic films.

Prof. Xiaohui PAN’s main research interests include Intercultural Communication, Organizational Communication, Media & Social Change, New Media Impacts. She is associate professor in the School of Media & CommunicationofShenzhen University, China. She has published articles in such journals as Cross-cultural Comparison, Cultural Differences in Five Countries, Government Communication in Enhancing Cultural Soft Power etc. She is currently the Regional President of the Pacific Asian Communication Association.