Dr. Mark R Johnson

Labour, Play and Technology in Professional Video Game Competition and Broadcast 04/05/2017 (Thursday) 13:00-14:00 E21-G002

Prof. Saskia Witteborn

Migration, Affective Codes and Mobile Technologies 28/04/2017 (Friday) 13:00-14:00 E21-G002

2017 Commfest Screening 2017 傳播週 放映會

每年傳播週重點節目大四學生畢業作品放映會,今年將會舉辦兩場!係兩場呀!! Video workshop嘅同學日夜顛倒都係為左做出更好嘅作品俾大家睇~今年有六條截然不同嘅題材同風格嘅短片, 你唔係唔黎睇呀? 日期: 4月25、28日 時間: 19:30 地點: E4-G078 到時早啲黎霸返個靚位~

Prof. Mei WU

Open Access Movement and Academic Publishing 20/04/2017 (Thursday) 13:00-14:00 E21-G002

CommFest 2017 is launching 2017傳播週上水啦

CommFest is an annual public relations campaign launched by senior students of Communication Department, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Macau. This year, students chose "SENSES" as the theme. A series of activities have been designed. Please come to join! For more information, please visit Facebook page "UM CommFest 澳門大學傳播週". https://www.facebook.com/umcommfest/ 「傳播週」是由澳門大學傳播系四年級學生所主辦,今年以「傳感應」為主題。歡迎大家參與「傳播週」一系列精彩活動,想知更多,請到「UM CommFest 澳門大學傳播週」Facebook專頁查詢! https://www.facebook.com/umcommfest/