The Department of Communication offers programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Communication, Communication and New Media (MA) and Communication (PhD). The language of instruction is English.

Students who enroll in the undergraduate program study various dimensions of communication, including media studies, journalism, public relations, and creative media. Students also complete practical skills courses covering different communication technologies. Students are acquainted with a range of publishing and new media software, and learn video production techniques in the department’s Creative Media Lab.

Students in the undergraduate program have the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills to produce a variety of senior workshop projects, including a student newspaper, video news programs, and short films. Students may also choose to complete an internship where they gain practical experience by applying their knowledge in a work setting in Macao. Past students have held internship posts in local television companies, newspapers, hotels, and government offices.

The MA program in Communication and New Media is designed to help current and prospective communication professionals attain theoretical and practical knowledge about communication, new media and their cultural effects. MA students complete a year of coursework and write a thesis.