Part-time Teaching Service 2021/2022

The Department of Communication currently offers broad-based curricula leading to Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees. They cover various areas of communication studies (communication theory, intercultural communication, organizational communication, communication skills); vocationally-oriented public communication (public relations, advertising, event planning); media studies and journalism (journalism writing and publication, mass media, new media, digital culture);

澳大學者獲邀參加中國共產黨成立100週年海報設計展 UM scholars invited to attend poster design exhibition to celebrate CPC’s centenary

(Please scroll down for the Chinese version 請往下閱讀中文版本) University of Macau (UM) Distinguished Professor Lampo Leong and doctoral student Yang Chao participated in an exhibition titled ‘A Century of Youth: Poster Design Competition to Celebrate the Centenary of the Communist Party of China’. Across the country, a total of 100 designers were invited