Angela Wen-Yu, CHANG 張 文 瑜

Associate Professor
Scopus Author ID: 56655876700

Administrative Roles

2020 –
UM Senate Representative (澳大社科院教務委員會 委員)
UM Senate Officer (elected) (教務委員 票選官員)
2020 –
Executive committee, Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), (持續進修中心) appointed, UM
FSS representative, Teaching & Learning Enhancement, UM
2014 – 2015
Coordinator, Center for Teaching and Learning Enhancement (CTLE), UM


Outstanding Teaching Award 2020, 2021, & 2022, Center for Continuing Education (CCE), UM
Outstanding Scholar, Dr. Stanley Ho Medical Development Foundation
2021 & 2022
Faculty-Level Academic Award, FSS Incentive Scheme for Outstanding Academic Staff 2021/2022 & 2020/2021.

Academic Qualifications

  • External Researcher, Institute of Communication and Health, Lugano University, Switzerland (
  • Ph.D., Communications and Advertising, Union Institute and University, Ohio, USA
  • M.A., Communication Arts, New York Institute of Technology, New York, USA.

Research Area

  • Public Health, Advertising Strategy, Consumer Studies, Media Use, Misinformation, and Health Communication Advertising

Editorial Appointment

  • 2016-2018 Schulz, P., & Chang, A. (guest editors). Special Issue of Chinese Journal of Communication: The Fight Against Non-communicable Diseases: Implications and Challenges for Health Communication. (SSCI journal).

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Xian, M., Neuwirth, R. J. and Chang, A. (accept). Government-NGO Collaboration in Macao’s COVID-19 Vaccine Promotion: A Social Media Case Study” JMIR Infodemiology.
  • Huang, L., Song, X., Liu, M. T., Chang, A., & Shi G. J. (2024). Marketing placebo effect on consumption of reduced-sugar labeled products. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics. 1355-5855. DOI 10.1108/APJML-07-2023-0700
  • Hoteit, M., Hoteit, R., Aljawaldeh, A., Van Royen, K., Pabian, S., Decorte, P., Cuykx, I. Teunissen, ., De Backer, C., & the Corona Cooking Survey Group. (2023). Call for emergency action to restore dietary diversity and protect global food systems in times of COVID-19 and beyond: Results from a cross-sectional study in 38 countries. Heliyon, 9 (11), e21585.
  • Sun, HL, Sha, S., Li, XH., Si, TL., Liu YF., Su, ZH., Cheung, T., Chang, A., Liu ZM., Li XY., Ng, CH., An, FR., Xiang YT. (2023). Depression and anxiety among guardians of psychiatric patients during the late stage of the COVID-19 pandemic: A perspective from network analysis. Journal of Affective Disorders, 344, 33-40.
  • Jiao, W., Chang, A.*, Ho, M., QF., Liu, TCM., & Schulz, P. J. (2023). Predicting and empowering health for “generation Z” by comparing health information seeking and digital health literacy: Cross-Sectional questionnaire study. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 25:e47595. DOI: 10.2196/47595
  • Lu, Q. F, Schulz, P. J., Chang, A., Yu, G., & Yang, Y. (2023). Drug safety perception in China: the role of media exposure and past healthcare experience: Patient Education and Counseling, 109, 77.
  • Jiao W., Xiang, Y. T., & Chang, A.*. (2022). Are foods from the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown low in nutrients? An analysis of Chinese psychological distress’s effects. Nutrients.
    DOI: 10.3390/nu14214702
  • Lu, Q. F., Chang, A., Yu, G., Yang, Y. & Schulz, P. J. (2022). Social capital and health information seeking behavior in China. BMC Public Health, 22, 1525.
  • Chang, A., Schulz, P, J., Jiao, W., Yang, Y. & Yu, G. M. (2022). Media source characteristics regarding food fraud misinformation according to the Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS) in China: Comparative study. JMIR Formative Research, 6(3):e32302.
    doi: 10.2196/32302
  • Chen, Y., Liu, M., Liu, Y., Chang, A., Yen, J. (2021). The influence of trust and relationship commitment to vloggers on viewers’ purchase intention. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 34(2), 249-267.
  • Chang, A*., Schulz, P. J., Jiao W. & Liu, M. T. C. (2021). Obesity-related communication in digital Chinese news from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan: Automated Content Analysis. JMIR Public Health and Surveillance. 7(11), e26660.
    doi: 10.2196/26660
  • Chang, A., Schulz P. J., Tu, S.T. & Liu. M. T. C. (2020). Communicative blame in online communication of the COVID-19 pandemic: Computational approach of stigmatizing cues and negative sentiment gauged with automated analytic techniques. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 22(11):e21504.
    doi: 10.2196/21504
  • Chang, A. (2020). Misinformation from web-based news media? Machine computational analysis of metabolic disease burden for Chinese. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), 12259, 52-62, Springer Verlag.
    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-61841-4_4
  • Chang, A. & Jiao, W. (2020). Predicting health communication patterns in follower–influencer networks: The case of Taiwan amid COVID-19. Asian Journal for Public Opinion Research, 8(3), 246–264.
  • Jiao, W. & Chang, A. (2020). Unhealthy aging? Featuring older people in television food commercials in China. International Journal of Nursing Sciences, 7(1), 567-573.
    doi: 10.1016/j.ijnss.2020.07.007
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  • Chang, A. (2019). The impact of television advertising on food preferences and consumption among Chinese children. China Media Research, 15(1), 77-84.
  • Chang, A. & Schulz, P. J. (2018). The measurements and an elaborated understanding of Chinese eHealth literacy (C-eHEALS) in chronic patients in China. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15(7).
    doi: 10.3390/ijerph15010070
  • Chang, A. & Liu, M. (2018). What to say to patrons about buying tickets again? Modelling a modern relationship. Journal of Creative Communications, 13(3), 1-18.

Selected Conferences

  • Xian, M. & Chang, A. (2023, Nov. 4-5). The role of generative AI in mental health care: A scoping review. The 6th “Medicine, Humanity and Media: Health China and Health Communication” (MHM) conference. Peking University, Beijing, China.
  • Jiao, W. & Chang, A. (2023, Nov. 4-5). Media impact on elderly dietary choices during the pandemic: Unraveling the complex interplay of emotions, literacy, and health awareness. The 6th “Medicine, Humanity and Media” (MHM) conference. Peking University, Beijing, China.
  • Lu, Q. F., Chang, A., & Schulz, P. T. (2023, Oct. 22-25). Social capital and mental health during the dynamic Zero-COVID policy in China: the mediating role of health empowerment. International Conference on Communication in Healthcare (ICCH). Rio Mar, Puerto Rico.
  • Lu, Q. F., Chang, A., & Schulz, P. T. (2023, Oct. 22-25). Patients’ Internet information disclosure with their physicians: the role of patient-centered communication International Conference on Communication in Healthcare (ICCH). Rio Mar, Puerto Rico.
  • Lu, Q. F., Ho, M. Jiao, W., Chang, A., & Schulz, P. T. (2023, May 25). How to empower generation Z for better health? A cross-generational analysis of health information seeking behavior and digital health Literacy. International Communication Association (ICA) preconference. Toronto, Canada (1st prize award).
  • Chang, A. (2022, Nov. 21). Emerging computational social science in health promotion for medical application. 2022 Distinguished Scholars Forum for University of Macau – Dr. Stanley Ho Medical Development Foundation. (澳門大學–何鴻燊博士醫療拓展基金會傑出學者論壇). UM, Macau.
  • Chang, A. & Xian, M. (2022, Nov. 5). Assessing COVID-19 Vaccines Confidence and Public Engagement from Social Listening Study in Macao, SAR China. Medicine, Humanity and Media (MHM). Peking University, Beijing, China.
  • Jao. W., Liu, T. C. M. & Chang, A. (2022, Nov. 5). Modeling the Mediating and Moderating Roles of Food Media Exposure, Food Literacy, Fear of Coronavirus Anxiety, and Healthy Eating among Chinese. (MHM). Peking University, Beijing, China.
  • Chang, A. (2022, Oct. 19). Research whisperer: Next Stepping-stone and Challenge of External Research Grant. Workshop, Faculty of Social Sciences, UM, Macau.
  • Lu, Q. F., Schulz, P. J., Chang, A., Yu, G. & Yang, Y. (2022, Sept. 5-9). Drug safety perception in China: the role of media exposure and past healthcare experience. International Conference on Communication in Healthcare (ICCH), Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, UK.
  • Lu, Q. F., Schulz, P. J., Chang, A., Yu, G., & Yang, Y. (2022, May 31- June 1). Social capital and health information-seeking behavior in China: The effect of bonding and bridging social capital. ICA-post conference, Dijon, France.
  • Xian, M & Chang, A. (2021, Nov 5-7). Power of solidarity in response to COVID-19 outbreak in Macao: Identifying the usage pattern of positive terms on Facebook using automatic analytic techniques. Medicine, Humanity and Media (MHM 2021): Healthy China & Health Communication. Peking University, Beijing, China.

Research Grant Projects

  • (2024-2025). Deceptive Promotion in Chinese Medicine: A Computer-Assisted Digital Content Analysis Approach (MYRG-00132-FSS).
  • (2021-2023). Computational Analysis of Textual Data of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP) in Communication Sciences & Beyond (MYRG2020-00206-FSS).
  • (2020-2022). The Complex Food Nutrition – Body Weight Message Communication in Social Media –An Exploratory Investigation in Developing Adaptive Machine Coding (MYRG2019-00079-FSS).
  • (2019-2021). Health and Communication: Understanding Media Coverage and Content to Improve Diseases Treatment and Prevention (MYRG2018-00062-FSS).
  • (2016-2018). An Empirical Study about How Social Media Marketing Affect Brand Attitude and Communication Effectiveness (MYRG2016-00050-FBA), as CO-I..
  • (2015-2018). A Longitudinal and Cross-Cultural Study of Health Literacy, Behavior, and Environment (MYRG2015-00123-FSS).
  • (2015-2016). Food Communication and Health Study (MYRG2015-00060-FSS).
  • (2015-2016). The International Study of Childhood Obesity and School Environment (MYRG2015-00129-FSS).

Selected External Grant

  • (2023-2024). Misinformation research network. National Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
  • (2022). Big data in medicine. UM-SHMDF grant (何鴻燊博士醫療拓展基金會)
  • (2021-2023). Examining self-efficacy and health behavior amid COVID-19 pandemic: A comparative study among Chinese and Portuguese diet culture (新冠疫情肆虐下自我效能與健康行為的研究:中國與葡國飲食文化比較). Education Fund of the Macao SAR Government
  • (2021 – 2023). Validation and development of the Portuguese-language electronic health literacy scale during the COVID19 pandemic (葡語電子健康素養的量表發展:疫情時代下的澳門與葡萄牙調查與驗證). Education Fund of the Macao SAR Government.
  • (2020 – 2021). Chinese emotion study towards novel coronavirus (COVID-19) — from discovery of blame attributions to future enlightenment (中國人對新冠病毒的情感反應分析 — 從歸咎情緒散播到未來抗病毒的啟示).  Macao Higher Education Institutions.
  • (2020-2021). Health Information National Trends Study-China (HINTS-China). Collaborated with George Mason University (USA) & Beijing Normal University (China) (as Co-I).
  • (2020-2021). International Corona Cooking Survey (CCS) Project. UM and University of Antwerp (Belgium).
  • (2019). Tackling health misinformation on social media by applying data mining techniques (媒體誤傳健康信息檢視:運用數據挖掘技術分析). Macao Higher Education Institutions.
  • (2018-2019). Natural disasters: Prevention, risk factors and management by social media (Disaster Prevention and Reduction Project), Macau FDCT (澳門科學技術發展基金會).

Professional Affiliations

  • Member, Association for Chinese Communication Studies (ACCS)
  • Member, Association of Chinese Professors of Social Science (ACPSS)
  • Member, Chinese Communication Studies (CCS)
  • Member, International Association of Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS)
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer: Over 8 journals (e.g. Asian Journal of Communication, China Media Research, Chinese Journal of Communication, Health Promotion International, International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health, Journal of Advertising, Journal of International and Intercultural Communication) and over 10 conferences (e.g., European Communication and Research Education Association (ECREA); International Communication Association (ICA); International Conference on Communication, Medicine and Ethics (COMET)

Courses Taught

  • Applied Thesis (MA)
  • Internship (MA)
  • Special Topics on Advertising (MA)
  • Special Topics on Communication Research (MA)
  • Thesis (PhD)
  • Advertising (UG)
  • Advertising Principle & Practice (UG)
  • Advertising Strategy and Plan (UG)
  • Communication Theory (UG)
  • Honors Project (UG)
  • International and Intercultural Communication (UG)
  • Integrated Communication Campaign (UG)
  • Introduction to Advertising (UG)
  • Planning & Practice in Advertising (UG)
  • Public Relations (UG)

Contact Details

Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS)
Humanities & Social Sciences Building (E21B), 2056
Tel: (853) 8822 8991