Three communication students from the University of Macau participated in the recording of the program 升呢插班生 at Rádio Macau. In this year’s edition of Communicator the theme is City walk During the program, the chief editor KU WENG HIN, editor Elory Kuang, and art editor Ella Wong introduced the content of the book, the creative motivation, and how they explored the creation of the five routes in the book. Additionally, they shared the difficulties and challenges encountered during the creative process.

In the program, the students engaged in a lively discussion with the hosts Mandy, Mok Keng Fong and Kerry about the graduation work City Walk in Macau (Communicator 2024) from the Communication Department (Journalism and Mass Communication). The program aired on February 20, 2024 (Tuesday) at 5:15 PM and is available for replay. City Walk in Macau is a talk show on Rádio Macau that focuses on campus and social life, airing from Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 18:00.

Communicator is the capstone graduation project for fourth-year students of the Department of Communication in UM’s Faculty of Social Sciences. Since its inception in 2001, a total of 22 issues have been published. The publication explores various social and cultural issues in Macau, reflecting students’ observations, understanding, and affection for Macau.

Replay of the program:

Electronic version of City Walk in Macau: