Doctoral student Yan TAN and Prof. Shih-Diing LIU have published a new article, “Witnessing #MeToo in Japan: mapping digital footprints in online news comment sections” in Feminist Media Studies.

In this article, TAN and LIU employ a feminist critical discourse analysis of Japanese netizens’ varied responses to the victimization experience of Shiori Ito, a #MeToo symbol in Japan, in terms of the public witnessing of personal rape stories. Their findings show that three different discursive positions—victim-blaming, feminist, and reformist in orientation—negotiate and contest the notions of rape and reveal how the Japanese socio-political context restricts and enables possibilities for the #MeToo movement. This study conceptualizes these heterogeneous, fragmented, and multifaceted popular narratives as constituents of the digital footprints of #MeToo and clarifies their implications for Japanese gender politics.

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