Exchange program – Spring 2024

Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Groningen, The Netherlands

Application for Student Exchange Program

Exchange Duration

Spring semester 2024: February – June


  1. Major: Communication
  2. Current Year 2 & 3 students
  3. Cumulative GPA 3.0 or above
  4. Extra request for students who need a visa (e.g. Mainland China students): a TOEFL or IELTS test score


  1. UM Tuition Fee
  2. All expenses including transportation, living costs, insurance, etc.

How to Apply

  1. Fill in the requested information via the online application system ( together with the following documents:
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • A Cover letter (Describing why you are interested in applying to this exchange program and what your objective is; What are your strengths and weaknesses. Why should we pick you?)
    • Any other supportive documents that will help you get into this program.
  2. An interview shall be arranged afterward

Application Deadline

15 Sept. 2023

Important Notes for Exchange Students

  1. They need to sign a Participant Declaration before departure
  2. They have to read the “Rules for Semester-based Outgoing Exchange Programmes” and pay attention to the credits requirement.
  3. Scholarship Continuation Policy for UM’s Outgoing Exchange Students

Important Notice

  • Do NOT submit online application of the Hanze University Groningen or the FSS Learning Agreement until you are selected.
  • Only 1 quota for each of the following programmes is available:
  1. Organizational Culture and Change Communication
  2. Brand, Design & Psychology
  3. Medialism
  4. Journalism


  1. FSS Exchange Application Form
  2. Emergency Contact Sheet (GAO Form)
  3. Hanze UAS_Fact Sheet Exchange 2023- 2024
  4. Academic Calendar
  5. Exchange Brochure
  6. Immigration Procedure

Contact Us

Department of Communication, FSS
2041, Humanities & Social Sciences Building (E21B)
Phone:(853) 8822 8961