MA in Communication (Visual Communication) (2021/2022)

The Specialization of Visual Communication includes the practice of various creative media in art, design and digital media, such as ink painting, oil painting, Chinese calligraphy, graphic design, photography, digital art, animation and video. This two-year programme emphasizes interdisciplinary approach to contemporary art and design, and prepare students to become creative artists or designers.

Application procedure: Apply online at UM GRS website, upload information and documents required by GRS, and send the following additional information to 1) CV (Chinese or English); 2) English proficiency test score (if you do not have TOEFL, IELTS or CET-6 score, you could submit Mainland China’s graduate entrance exam score, or other documents demonstrating your English proficiency); and 3) Art and design portfolio. Art and design portfolio should contain 10 to 20 images of your work. Please compress each image to 72 dpi, the longest side 3000 pixel, save it as jpg file in quality 3, each file should not be over 1mb. You could also send compressed/small pdf files. For video, please convert them to 480 mov/mp4 file.  No file larger than 20mb will be accepted.

2021/2022 Study Plan

傳播學文學碩士 (視覺傳播範疇) (2021/2022學年)

傳播學文學碩士 (視覺傳播範疇) 的研究方向包括美術、設計、攝影和數碼藝術等,具體的創作實踐可以是油畫、水墨畫、書法、平面設計、數碼藝術、新媒體藝術、動畫、影像和攝影等。此碩士課程學制為兩年,強調跨領域研究,培養學生成為具有創意思維的藝術家和設計師。

 申請程序:在澳大研究生院網站提交申請,除了上載研究生院所要求的資料和文件,請將以下附加資料發到 簡歷 (中文或英文);2) 英語考試成績 (如果沒有TOEFL,IELTS 或 CET-6成績,可以提供中國大陸全國碩士研究生招生考試成績,或其它英語能力證明);和3) 個人作品集。作品集應包括10至20張圖片 (將圖片壓縮為72dpi,最长边3000像素,jpg文檔,畫質3,每張圖應不大於1mb,也可以儲存為壓縮版的pdf文檔,影像文檔要壓縮成480 mov或mp4文檔),不接受超過20mb的文檔。