LIU Shih-Diing 劉 世 鼎


Administrative Roles

  • Undergraduate Programme Coordinator
  • Chair, Undergraduate Steering Committee
  • Member, Departmental Executive Committee

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD, Communication, University of Westminster, London
  • MA, Communication, Fu Jen University, Taipei
  • BSc, Electronic Engineering, Fu Jen University, Taipei

Research Interests

  • Culture, media and emotion



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Research Supervision

Postdoc supervised

Dr. Song Lin

PhD thesis supervised

Lin Zhongxuan (Internet celebrity)

Su Chang (migrant worker’s cultural practice)

Zhou Min (Kuaishou)

Geng Li (shidu community)

Kong Mengxun (Recognition politics of homosexual communities)

Li Zehua (soccer culture)

Huang Anqi (city)

Tan Yan (feminism)

Wang Linxin (youth)

Master thesis supervised

He Hongzhu (androgyny); Yang Zhuxin (independent documentary); Liu Tianyu (overseas students and short-video platform); Wang Yusa (new immigrants and social media); Helen Wong (cultural activism in Hong Kong); Zheng Qi (crowdfunding); Wan Zhenxia (Hong Kong protests); Sherry Xiao (emotional labor); Renee Chan (online cultural resistance); Xia Bingqing (internet labor); Ivy Lou (cyberculture); Qiang Wen (online cultural resistance); Hao Wan Lei (television); Ge Shuai (human flesh search); Xiao Han (online community); Angela Cheong (gender representation)

Contact Details

Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS)
Humanities & Social Sciences Building (E21B), 2065
Phone: (853) 8822 8989