LIU Shih-Diing 劉 世 鼎


Administrative Roles

  • Associate Head of Department
  • Undergraduate Programme Coordinator
  • Chair, Undergraduate Steering Committee
  • Member, Departmental Executive Committee

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD, Communication, University of Westminster, London
  • MA, Communication, Fu Jen University, Taipei
  • BSc, Electronic Engineering, Fu Jen University, Taipei

Research Interests

  • Culture, media and emotion



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Graduate supervision


  • Dr. Song Lin (gender studies)

PhD thesis

  • Lin Zhongxua (Internet celebrity culture in China)
  • Su Chang (Chinese migrant worker’s cultural practice)
  • Kong Mengxun (Recognition politics of homosexual communities)
  • Geng Li (The protest of shidu community)
  • Zhou Min (Chinese migrant workers’ mobile culture)

Contact Details

Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS)
Humanities & Social Sciences Building (E21B), 2065
Phone: (853) 8822 8989