16/06/2023 (Friday) 10:30-11:30 E21B-G002

Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS) Workshop


HINTS is a collaborative research project aimed at exploring and comparing health information trends in China and the United States. The workshop is to better understand how health information is disseminated, made available, and used by the general public. The goal of the research is to pinpoint the critical elements that affect people’s behaviours, preferences, and wants with regard to health information by comparing and contrasting those aspects of one country or between these two countries. The workshop offers practical advice in data analysis and conceptual work, fosters knowledge exchange and the sharing of best practices, and promotes evidence-based strategies for bettering health communication and information dissemination, ultimately enhancing public health outcomes.


Dr. Schulz’s most recent grant addresses the following concerns in addition to highlighting how crucial leadership is to advancing study and instruction at the intersection of communication and health: 1. adherence to antibiotics in primary care settings; and 2. the effect of eHealth literacy on comprehending COVID-19 health information in Macau.
He has published more than 250 research publications for journals in the fields of medicine, communication, and health. He recently served as an honorary professor and visiting scholar at universities in the US, Austria, and Singapore. In addition, he was awarded the title of Distinguished Visiting Scholar from the University of Macau as part of the Macao Talent Programme for the years 2020 and 2023.