09/02/2023 (Thursday) 13:00-14:00 E21B-G002

The Emerging Contours of Digital Society: Remastering, Reconsideration, Reorientation and New Socio-Digital Domains


This talk is based on a recently published book, The Sage Handbook of Digital Society (2023), which brings together cutting-edge social scientific research and theoretical insight into the emerging contours of Digital Society. Moving beyond current debates that focus on social media, methodology and new forms of data, the individual contributions and overall aim of the collection advances the field of Digital Society across the social sciences by exploring the relationship between digitisation, social organisation and social transformation as a totality that is realised and experienced at both the macro and micro level. In this talk I will introduce the main themes of the collection and discuss the conceptual frame and future research directions that are posed by the authors and the collection around social theory, research methods and the domains of sociotechnical systems and disruptive technologies, digital society and new social dilemmas, governance and regulation, and digital futures.

Housley, W., Edwards, A., Benito-Montagut, R., Fitzgerald, R. (2023) (Eds) The Sage Handbook of Digital Society. Sage.


Richard Fitzgerald is Professor of Communication at the University of Macau. He has researched and written extensively on methods of qualitative discourse analysis and forms of media discourse with a recent focus on Chinese social media. His recent major publications include On Sacks. Methodology, Materials and Inspirations (2021, Routledge), co-edited with Robin Smith and William Housley, a co-edited a special issue of Discourse, Context and Media (SSCI) Chinese Social Media: Technology, Culture and Creativity (2022) with Todd Sandel and Wu Xiaoping, and his most recent book Sage Handbook of Digital Society (2023) co-edited with William Housley, Adam Edwards, and Roser Benito-Montagut, R. He is a former Editor-in-Chief of Discourse, Context and Media (SSCI) where he remains an Honorary Member of the Editorial Board and is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Macau.