Bachelor of Social Sciences in Communication

Program Objectives

The Department of Communication adopted a new curriculum in the academic year 2017/2018. The new model integrated the two programs of Bachelor of Arts in English Studies with specialization in Communication (COM) and Bachelor in Journalism and Public Communication (JPC) into one program, Bachelor of Social Sciences in Communication which uses English as the main medium of instruction. The program offers three specializations: Creative Media, Public Communication, and, Journalism and Mass Communication. The three specializations reflect the common structure in communication programmes offered elsewhere.

The new curriculum is diverse in terms of course offerings and flexible in terms of student choice. Stream specialization is mandatory. The new curriculum is a response to the  demand in Macao society and in communication industries for training talented graduates who are proficient in English and have strong international exposure. This new programme, however, does not preclude exceptional courses such as Chinese News Editing, and Chinese News Writing and Reporting.

The new program requires practical courses which offer training in media production and give students basic production skills in digital technologies.

Undergraduate Curriculum Model (2011/2012 onwards)

Course Catalog