Timothy A. Simpson

Associate Professor

Administrative Roles

  • Founding Head of Department of Communication (2004-2008)

Academic Qualifications

  • BA (Auburn University)
  • MA (University of Arkansas)
  • Ph.D. (University of South Florida)

Current Research Areas

Tim Simpson’s research interests are focused in the areas of Asian urbanisms; architectures and environments of consumption; Chinese tourism and post-socialist consumption practices; material and immaterial forms of gambling; ethnographic approaches to everyday life; and the political economy of intercultural communication. He is currently writing a book, under contract with University of Minnesota Press, entitled: Macau: Casino Capitalism and the Biopolitical Metropolis.

Research Fellowships

  • UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS. Eadington Fellowship, Center for Gaming Research, to be completed June 11 – July 6, 2018.
  • PARSONS SCHOOL OF DESIGN, THE NEW SCHOOL, NEW YORK. Visiting Scholar, School of Design Strategies, August – December 2017.
  • NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE. Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Asia Research Institute(Asian Urbanisms Cluster), October –December 2011.
  • CITY UNIVERSITY OF LONDON. Visiting Research Fellow, Department of Sociology. Funded by an Erasmus Mundus Mobilities Fellowship (MULTI—Multilingualism and Multiculturalism: Linguistic Approaches to Transition and Identity). June 2011 and June 2013.

Media Appearances (please click on links)

Selected Publications


Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • T. Simpson (Forthcoming) “Macau’s Materialist Milieu: Portuguese Pavement Stones and the Political Economy of the Chinese Urban Imaginary,” Companion to Urban Imaginaries, Ed. Christoph Linder and Miriam Meissner. Routledge.
  • T. Simpson (2018) “Spectacular Architecture at the Frontiers of Global Capitalism,” Macao and the Casino Complex, Ed. Stefan Al. Reno: University of Nevada Press.
  • T. Simpson (2017) “Mapping Tourist Utopias,” Tourist Utopias: Offshore Islands, Enclave Spaces, and Mobile Imaginaries,” Ed. Tim Simpson. University of Amsterdam Press.
  • T. Simpson (2017) “After Utopia: Post-Colonial Macau and Post-Socialist Chinese Tourists,” Tourist Utopias: Offshore Islands, Enclave Spaces, and Mobile Imaginaries,” Ed. Tim Simpson. University of Amsterdam Press.
  • T. Simpson (2016) “Spatial Machines of Subjection: A Materialist Analysis of Macau’s Themed Integrated Casino Resorts”, A Reader in Themed and Immersive Spaces Ed. Scott A. Lukas. Pittsburgh: Carnegie Mellon University – ETC Press.  FREE BOOK DOWNLOAD
  • T. Simpson (2013) “Chinese Tourists, Themed Casinos, and Consumer Pedagogy in Macau,” The Communicative City and Urban Communication in the 21st Century: Urban Communication Reader 3, Ed. S. Drucker, V. Gallagher, M. Matsanakis (Peter Lang).
  • T. Simpson (2011) “’Neoliberalism with Chinese Characteristics’: Consumer Pedagogy in Macao,” Cities and Fascination: Beyond the Surplus of Meaning, Ed. H. Schmid, W. Sahr, J. Urry (Ashgate).
  • T. Simpson (2010) “Lazarus, the Dead Mall, and the Demise of the City Center,” Urban Communication Reader II, Ed. H. Jassem, S. Drucker, G. Burd, Hampton Press.
  • Wu M. and T. Simpson (2007) “Media and Culture,” Mass Communication (Series on Western Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences), Ed. Shuming Lu and Junhao Hong, Beijing: China Remnin University Press: 84 – 132. (Published in Chinese).
  • T. A. Simpson (1996) “Constructions of Self and Other in the Experience of Rap Music,” Constructing the Self in a Mediated World ed. Debra Grodin and Thomas R. Lindlof, Sage: 107-123.

Other Publications

  • T. Simpson (Forthcoming) Comment: “Pavement Pedagogy”, Current Anthropology.
  • T. Simpson (2013) “The Ongoing Story of Macau,” International Institute of Asian Studies Newsletter: 21-23.
  • T. Simpson, T. Chung, H. Tieben (2009) “A Conversation on Casino Architecture in Las Vegas and Macao.” World Architecture 12: 86-91. (Roundtable discussion also including N. Niglio and B. Lam. Published in both English and Chinese).
  • T. Simpson (2005) “Russell Crowe in the Boardroom” (The Need for Intercultural Communication Education in Macau)Macau Business, July, pp. 54-57.
  • Chan S. H. and T. Simpson (2005) “Multiple Coexisting Bottom Lines,” Euro-Asia Journal of Management15(2): 125-131.

Book Reviews

  • T. A. Simpson (2008) Review of: New Television, Globalisation, and the East Asian Cultural Imagination, by M. Keane, A.Y.H. Fung, and A. Moran (Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2007), Chinese Cross-Currents 5(1).
  • T. A. Simpson (1992) Review of: Living in the Rock n Roll Mystery: Reading Context, Self, and Others as Clues, by H.L. Goodall (Southern Illinois University Press), Journal of Communication Studies 10.
  • J. R. Bennett and T. A. Simpson (1991), Review of: The First Amendment, Democracy, and Romance, by S. Shriffin (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1990), Free Speech Yearbook 29. An edited version was reprinted in the Arkansas Grapevine, 12 April, 1991.

Graduate Supervision (PhD)

  • Elisabela Larrea (Macanese creole Patua theater)
  • Kim H. Johnson (Macau’s Lusophone community)

Current Funded Research Projects

  • Baroque Macau. Funded by a grant from the University of Macau Research Committee. 2018-2019.
  • Macau as an Urban Laboratory. Funded by a grant from the University of Macau Research Committee. 2016-2017.
  • Electronic Gaming, Immaterialist Pedagogy, and the Production of a Post-Socialist Chinese Subject.Funded by a grant from the University of Macau Research Committee, 2014-2016. (Principle Investigator).
  • Casino Development in Asia, Funded by a grant from the University of Macau Research Committee, 2014-2017. (Co-investigator, with Melody Lu, Ngo Tak-wing, Alex Choi).

Courses Taught at UM

  • FSSG808 Social Theory (PhD)
  • Ethnography and the City (PhD)
  • HONR301 Leadership from a Global Perspective — for UM Honor’s College
  • ENGL283 Western and Eastern Cultures – for FBA “Gaming Management” Program
  • COMM207 Visual Communication and Design
  • COMM403 Advanced Intercultural Communication
  • COMM405 Ethics and Persuasion
  • ICNM001 Theories of Mass Communication
  • ICNM004 International and Intercultural Communication
  • ICNM005 Public Opinion
  • ICNM014 Professional Writing in English

Contact Details

Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS)
University of Macau
Avenida da Universidade, Taipa, Macao
Humanities & Social Sciences Building (E21B), 2044
Phone: (853) 8822 8351
Fax: (853) 8822 2338
E-mail: tsimpson@um.edu.mo