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The Department of Communication currently offers broad-based curricula leading to Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees. They cover various areas of communication studies (communication theory, intercultural communication, organizational communication, communication skills); vocationally-oriented public communication (public relations, advertising, event planning); media studies and journalism (journalism writing and publication, mass media, new media, digital culture);

澳大學生畢業作品記錄全城抗疫 UM students’ graduation works tell stories of Macao residents during the epidemic

澳門這幾個月全城齊心抗疫,澳門大學傳播系大四學生因時應勢,透過訪問超過20位澳門人的日常與不尋常,記錄這座小城的防疫及抗疫故事,並結集成畢業作品《傳人類2020.全城抗疫記》。 畢業作品共分“他們守在疫情的第一線”、“停課停校不停「學」”、“被疫情叫停的龍頭展業”、“城市齒輪未曾停歇”和“鎂光燈外的一群”五部分,訪問了醫生、警察、海關員、家長、老師、酒店員工、外勞、外賣員等等,講述他們防疫及抗疫時的甜酸苦辣。此外,亦有文章就疫情期間各地頻生的歧視事件,以及人類該如何對待野生動物的議題進行反思。 《傳人類2020.全城抗疫記》現已出版,可免費於八分目、边度有書、Rooftop、The Perfect Moment我的珈啡時光、Single Origin、文藝門、澳門大學圖書館、澳門科技大學圖書館、旅遊學院圖書館、澳門中央圖書館、何東圖書館、沙梨頭圖書館、青洲圖書館、氹仔圖書館、渡船街婦聯以及水坑尾婦聯取閱;另外亦可閱於Philo和澳門大學各大書院。 The University of Macau (UM) Department of Communication recently published the latest issue of the student magazine Communicator, which is titled ‘A Tale of Macao During the Pandemic’. Produced by fourth-year students of communication studies, this issue contains interviews with more than 20 Macao residents on

UM scholar’s article voted as the most outstanding article in the Winter 2020 Newspaper Research Journal 澳大學者研究獲選「報紙研究期刊」2020年冬季號最佳文章

Prof. Tien Tsung LEE’s article (co-authored with Prof. Kuang-Kuo Chang of Shih Hsing University in Taipei, Taiwan, China; Chang is the lead author), titled “The Frame of the house: How elite news sources framed Taiwan's housing policy,” was published in the Winter 2020 issue of Newspaper Research Journal. Its editorial board voted