Part-time Teaching Service 2022/2023

The Department of Communication currently offers broad-based curricula leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees. They cover various areas of communication studies (communication theory, intercultural communication, organizational communication, communication skills); vocationally-oriented public communication (public relations, advertising, event planning); media studies and journalism (journalism writing and publication, mass media, new media, digital culture); cultural

Prof. Hodges exhibits at SVA Bio Art Lab 10 year anniversary

"Sea City Clam Tower," an art installation by Prof. Benjamin Kidder Hodges and artist Crystal Wai Man Chan, is currently on display in New York as part of the show "Ancestral Echoes: A Decade of Bio Art" a ten-year survey of artworks commemorating the inauguration of the School of Visual Arts' Bio

Prof. Stella CHIA

19/05/2022 (Thursday) 12:45-13:45 E21B-G002 Tracking the Influence of Anti-vaccines Misinformation on the Elderly Population in Hong Kong Exposure to anti-vaccination misinformation in the media has been cited as one primary factor that leads people to develop misperceptions regarding vaccines and resulting in resistance against vaccination (Motta et al., 2018). Nevertheless, elderly people