Prof. Barui K. WARUWU

28/10/2022 (Friday) 13:00-14:00 E21B-G002 The stories that tell us: An ethnographic approach to understanding mediated storytelling practices for family intimacy during migration Abstract: Within a family, narratives help define the relationship by allowing each member to articulate their relational needs, desires, and expectation. For migrant families, the need to craft and share

Doctoral student Yan TAN and Prof. Shih-Diing LIU publish an article on #MeToo in Japan

Doctoral student Yan TAN and Prof. Shih-Diing LIU have published a new article, “Witnessing #MeToo in Japan: mapping digital footprints in online news comment sections” in Feminist Media Studies. In this article, TAN and LIU employ a feminist critical discourse analysis of Japanese netizens’ varied responses to the victimization experience of Shiori

Part-time Teaching Service 2nd semester 2022/2023

The Department of Communication currently offers broad-based curricula leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. They cover various areas of communication studies (communication theory, intercultural communication, organizational communication, communication skills); vocationally-oriented public communication (public relations, advertising, event planning); media studies and journalism (journalism writing and publication, mass media, new media, digital culture);

Prof. Jing MENG

20/10/2022 (Thursday) 13:00-14:00 E21B-G002 Indexicality and authenticity in digital images Abstract: Huawei’s smartphone P30 Pro, with a pre-installed algorithmic program, can automatically recognize and enhance images of the moon when taking photos. However, people feel that the AI-enhanced moon photo is ‘too real’ to be identified as real since it looks like

Mr. Penny LAM Kin Kuan

19/10/2022 (Wednesday) 14:00-15:15  E4-1061 LAST TIME I SAW MACAO: Cinematic representation of Macao Abstract: The cinematic representation of Macau has taken on different forms. They are often characterized by the spectacle of casinos, Portuguese-style architecture and mysterious nightlife. However, local filmmakers and artists have different ways of visualizing the city. Through comparing

Prof. Benjamin Hodges publishes article on climate futures and land reclamation

Prof. Benjamin Hodges has published a new article "Some Things are not held together by Glue: Chunambo and other ‘Sticky Matter’ in Subtropical Macao, China" as part of a special issue of the eTropic journal on "Tropical Materialisms: poetics, practices, possibilities" co-edited by Anita Lundberg and Christian Benitez. The issue brings together

Prof. Peter J. Schulz

13/10/2022 (Thursday) 13:00-14:00 E21B-G002 Being Misinformed Versus Being Uninformed: Detecting and Distinguishing Distinct Communication Problems Abstract: This talk argues for the importance of distinguishing two forms of knowledge failure—being uninformed (uncertain about information) and being misinformed (believing objectively wrong information)—because of their differing effects on communication responses and associated judgments and decisions.