Part-time Teaching Service 2023/2024 (CAD)

Part-time Teaching for MA courses in Visual Communication at the University of Macau for Fall 2023 澳門大學招聘老師教授碩士課程 University of Macau Centre for Arts and Design (CAD) housed in the Faculty of Social Sciences collaborates with the Department of Communication to offer an interdisciplinary specialization in art, design, and creative media in visual

Part-time Teaching Service 1st semester 2023/2024

The Department of Communication currently offers broad-based curricula leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. They cover various areas of communication studies (communication theory, intercultural communication, organizational communication, communication skills); vocationally-oriented public communication (public relations, advertising, event planning); media studies and journalism (journalism writing and publication, mass media, new media, digital culture);