Aimed to provide students with understanding of big data operation in action, a group of eight graduate students, led by Prof Wu Mei, of the Department of Communication, University Macau visited the local big data research company–eRS Information Technology Ltd on March 22. Dr. Angus Cheong, CEO of eRS Information Technology, lectured eloquently on issues of big data in relation to communication and online public opinion research. He later demonstrated DataMiner, a data mining and analytical platform developed by the eRS, and explained how to use it to complete an academic research project which covers data collection, data cleaning, content coding and data analytics. In the Q&A session, a lively discussion focused on data quality and integration of human coding and machine learning in evaluating attitude and semantic data.

3月22日下午, 澳門大學社會科學學院傳播系副教授吳玫帶領博士、碩士生一行九人訪問澳門大數據輿情研究公司易研科技,公司總裁張榮顯博士就大數據使用與研究相關問題,做了精彩的演講。其後,張博士向師生們介紹了易研研發的網絡大數據挖掘平臺DataMiner(eMiner),並現場展示了如何使用該平臺幫助完成一篇學術論文,包括從數據收集、數據清理、內容編碼到結果分析的全過程,同學們表示獲益匪淺。在問答環節,同學們就如何提高數據質量、機器學習訓練及質量、如何透過人工與機器結合對不同語境、不同條件下的態度語義判斷等同張博士進行了深入交流。