Communication and New Media Society (CNMS), which is under the umbrella of the University of Macau Postgraduate Association, was established on May 5, 2014. CNMS is mainly composed of MA and PhD students from the Department of Communication and open to all graduate students who are interested in new media studies at UM. CNMS is rooted in Macau while setting its vision toward mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It aims to promote new media and communication studies and academic exchange activities in the region, particularly events that enhance graduate students’ knowledge and practice of in the field of new media and communication. CNMS also plan to collaborate with universities in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan so as to advance communication studies, media practice, and new media research to the international academia. CNMS is now recruiting members, all graduate students of UM are welcome. There will be exciting new media events soon. Please stay tuned. Should you have any questions, please contact