Gender’s Studies in Contemporary Chinese Context

11/10/2017 (Thursday) 10:00-11:00 E21-1013

Gender’s Studies, as an independent while interdisciplinary discipline in the academic research and teaching system has been regarded for a long period of time, that originated from the western social movements and changings. Is there, and have been there any Chinese local system of gender’s studies and education, including knowledge, methodology, research works, education and communication? Combining with more than ten-years studying and working experiences in domestic China and abroad of the speakers, this talk traces back and deconstructs the development of Chinese local gender’s studies from a new standpoint.


It is found that, to some extends, the periods of time that Chinese introduce, follow, critique and rethink western knowledge and regulars has been covered. In other words, the framework of westerncentric as well as the process of westernization and then de-westernizition has been broken. While a new era has been came: Chinese local gender studies internationalizing the knowledge, which provided by Chinese local powers, from Chinese local culture and issues, to the world through the system of international and intercultural education and communication.