The 2012 Fall Communication Festival (COMMFEST) will be held from November 23rd to the 28th. COMMFEST integrates work from both year 3 and year 4 students majoring in English Communication. Every semester, it is held to celebrate students’ hard work by providing a venue for public exhibition. It contains four components, 3-Motion, Macau Face, Gateway and UM Bridges. 3-motion is a series of videos produced by year 3 students, Macau Face is a collection of documentary videos, and Gateway is a video produced as part of the year 4 video workshop course while UM Bridges is a magazine produced by year 4 students. We would like to invite you to join us in celebrating the 2012 Fall COMMFEST together.

This year, the schedule of COMMFEST will be as follows: 11月19日 13:15-14:15 Tai Fung Building 1st Floor Public Area (T-Platform), Commfest Opening 11月23日 19:00-21:00 X-Hall (Theatre) Gateway 1st screening & UM Bridges Magazine Publication, 11月26日 19:00-21:00 HG03 Gateway 2nd screening, 11月27日 18:45-21:00 STDM 3 Motion 1st screening, 11月27日 21:15-23:30 STDM 3 Motion 2nd screening, 11月28日 18:30-20:30 STDM Macau Face 1st screening, and 11月28日 21:00-23:00 STDM Macau Face 2nd screening.